Canada Book: Taking Your Camera To Canada

Today for my Canada Books I have a small book about Canada, the lad and I read it over the course of three nights I think?  

It's written for perhaps grade 2-4 what this book does is give a good overview to Canada.
Each chapter is only a couple of pages long with tons of images.

 It's a fun, quick read with more information than you would think. I was actually impressed!  32 pages in this thin, softcover book.  Maps, religion, science, school, all the different things that will intrigue children from different walks of life.   The close of the book leaves us with quick facts about Canada. 

You can find it here: Taking Your Camera to Canada Sb.  

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  1. Fun book! Love it when they can pack so much into such a small space.

    1. I know! Small, light with good info. a good thing. :)


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