Highlights of the Week May 14-20

 In no particular order, some of the highlights of the week

Hubby preached a sermon in this church again.
New roof put up on one of the rabbitry buildings.   I had gone into the rabbitry on Wednesday or Thursday this week to do something and spotted one of my girls panting, so promptly removed the winter covering tarp.  This necessitated a building of a wooden roof.   We've done tarps one them for the past few years, and found last year the tarps were ripping.  This one was the worst so we did it first, I hope to do the other in two weeks.   I put the lattice sides on it last year and it greatly improved airflow which was a good thing.    Good to have the rabbits cooler again. We worked as a family to put it all together... cutting, drilling, moving etc.  busy hard work.  Hubby put up a "thing" to help with taking the bed off the truck as well...that was hard work man...digging post holes...he has way too many blisters.

My buttercups are blooming!!!!
We've been working our way through the human body and we often add videos.  Currently we are on the teeth.  So we watched what the lad said "this was a good video mom, I learned a lot and do a bunch of things wrong".  We totally ignored all the product placement stuff.

Working on our Physics STEM kit.  We learned about plumb lines and the center of gravity.   It was rather neat to teach about how a person's center of gravity changes how they move and how that affects doing things like Karate, adding stability and such like.   Seeing the practical use of science in everyday life was a "wow" moment for the lad and provoked great discussion.
Have you seen my beautiful lilac bush?
Working our way through the Hawaiian Frog from ArtAchieve.  Next week we are going to add colour to him.  Hopefully he'll turn out well, I'm a bit concerned that I made him too small.  The lad wasn't ready for me to take a picture of his rendition.

Anyways, those are the highlights of MY week, what were the highlights of yours?

Secrets and Sequences.    A graphic novel with an interesting approach to coding.
Stick it To 'Em.   A fun book teaching about stickers and how to make them.  Sass and Style.
Tournament of Champions.   A Rip and Red basketball story.

Everything Else:
Truth - a five minute Friday word prompt post, a poem.
All are treated the same, sharing the inheritance.   Ezekiel 47 devotional.
Cherry Jello Cheesecake.. mm.. YUM!!!
R is for Raving, Rabid, Rabbits.   An alphabet blogging post. 
Keep Living a Life of Faith.  Ezekiel 47 Devotional. 
Taking your camera to Canada.   A fun book on Canada.
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.  A hymn Study.
God's Continued Protection.  Devotional on Ezekiel 46.

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  1. What a lovely church! That brought a smile to my face. So glad your husband was able to preach again this week. :) And that buttercup! So bright and cheerful!

    1. I totally love my buttercups. I find they are different this year....they are more layered which is cool. :)

  2. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of a buttercup before... what a beautiful flower! Also the Lilac bush looks so different from the one we have in our yard. Sadly, ours blooms in March each year and those wonderful blooms are gone for us till next year...
    It looks like all of you had a wonderful week!

    1. They are one of my favourite wildflowers that I grow despite the fact they are poisonous and ergo can't be fed to the rabbits

  3. That is a beautiful church! Love your Hawaiian frog drawing too.


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