Hymn Study: Seed to Sow

Looking up that Michael W. Smith song the other day reminded me of this song that I thoroughly enjoy listening to. I used to beat out the song when swimming. Hot summer days with music dancing in my head and playing out in the water. Ah.. it was fun and good! But seriously if you think about the words of the song, you will see the church in action. How everyone is different in the church, with different skill sets that make the church what it is. Helping the church to grow, and God's truth to be seen. So many different people to reach with the gospel, and so many different people God can use to help them see the way. Michael W. Smith's video


 (chorus in Lugandan)
Kimu nkimaanyi
Buli muntu alina ensiigo
Omutima gwo gukulung 'aamye
Buli muntu alina ensiigo

Some people quietly reveal
In the manner of the meek
Some people shout the way they feel
To a radical degree
Some people sing it to express
While others hear another call

Some people speak with subtleness
Some don't rely on words at all
But let me tell you 'bout...

One thing I know
Everybody's got a seed to sow
Let your heart of hearts
Take you down the road
Everybody's got a seed to sow

We all are pieces of the whole
With different feelings to evoke
Giving distinction to the role
Different players-different strokes
But let me tell you 'bout...


Some people walk
Some people race
Some people vary in their pace
But God can use what you can give
Within the mystery of His ways
Don't underestimate...


Kimu nkimaanyi
Buli muntu alina ensiigo
Omutima gwo
Gukulung 'aamye
Buli muntu alina ensiigo

African Children's Choir

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  1. Ooh - I like it! Very good message. The line "God can use what you can give" is quite powerful. Something to remember. Thanks for sharing this song.


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