Review: Head First

Imagine a day where you are going to have fun skiing with your family and an unexpected tragedy occurs.   You slide down a hill, losing your skis and smashing headfirst into a tree.  You survive.. but not well.

What is YOUR reaction?   What would your outlook on life be?  How about those in your inner circle?  Positive or negative?

In the book Head first: a crash course in positivity, Steve H. Lawton gives 8 principles in positivity to help you through whatever crisis you might happen to face.
Steve Lawton suffered a horrible accident and came out of it better than before he went in.  He learned the power of positivity and wrote this book to share those lessons with you.

8 lessons.
8 Chapters.
8 principles in positivity.
The lessons are simple to learn.
The steps to making them part of your life are explained and broken down in to small steps.
Each lesson is accompanied by a practical worksheet you can fill in, or ways to breaking down a problem into smaller steps, or just needing to change your focus from yourself to others.   
 The eight lessons in positivity are
1. It happened that way for a reason.

2. Focus on what you can control
3. Learn to laugh in the midst of your pain.
4. Small Steps to a larger goal.
5. Know When and where to push yourself.
6. Invest positivity into your network.
7. Creating a positivity practice.
8. Embrace growing pains and learn from your struggles. 

Worksheets to help you grab hold of the principles he is teaching, with scattered quotes throughout the text to help inspire you:

Yes and no
Yes. I have to admit, it's a great book.  It is. Practical and helpful.   I love how the author gives practical ways to put his advice to work.  The Worksheets and tables.. great stuff.  I really like that aspect of it.  If one works through all the 8 steps in this book your life will be changed.  Your manner of approaching life will be influenced for the better.  Thinking positive helps your brain, your heart, your body.  It's a scientific fact (as well as a social one eh!)   Honestly.. I liked the book and plan to hang on to it for a while.  :)

No...even with all the positive thoughts you have in the world.. you CANNOT always change your life circumstances.  As I write this I can hear my lad in my head coming up with all these reasons why even if you think positively why it can't always fix things.  Sometimes, even with all the positive things you can do in the world, you can't fix things.  Sometimes a broken body will stay broken, sometimes broken relationships will stay broken.   Will having a positive attitude help you work through that and past that?  FOR SURE.  So don't misunderstand me.  Positive thinking can and will help you work through the big stuff (and the small stuff in life) but sometimes.. life bites you back anyways.  It does.  :) 

I regret that God seems to have played no role in his thinking.   Again, don't misunderstand me, this fellow came back from a horrible accident.  Regained use of his body against the odds.  He attributes that all thinking positively and I look at it and say "there's the grace of God at work".  He used an ability God gave him (thinking positively) to influence his own thinking and to help heal his heart, mind and body as he moved through the consequences of this accident.  I just wish he saw that.  :)

Title: Head First!  A Crash Course in Positivity.
Author: Steve H. Lawton
Published by Fedd Books
Reviewed for: Advantage Media Group
Pages: 150

Where can I find it? - Head First! A Crash Course in Positivity - Head First! A Crash Course in Positivity

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  1. I am with you on this one. Our family has experienced years now of awful physical stuff going on due to an accident a family member experienced. Does positive thinking help? Yes. Does it change things? No. And there is no way to alter that and it almost seems like this book is saying that positive thinking is the answer to everything. I appreciate your straightforward statements about this book and your take on it. - Lori

    1. It was a hard recommendation because there's much I like, I just have that but....


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