Review: Secrets and Sequences

Do you want a painless way to interest your students or children in coding?   Secret Coders has come out with a series of graphic novels to intrigue and entertain.   Mystery mixed with coding.  It's a good thing eh?   Last year I reviewed another Secret Coders book, and today I have Secrets and Sequences to share with you.   Learn coding through reading a graphic novel!   Neat Idea eh? 

Hopper and the gang have a mystery to solve.  What's going on with Professor Bee, who is one-zero and still.. where is Hopper's Dad?   Will they get closer to figuring this out?

As the gang works through the mystery they make new friends (who would have thought!) but danger does make for strange bed fellows.  :)   They learn how to code better (even Josh) and before you know it, they have worked out more of the mystery's answers!  WOOT WOOT!!!

They learn to work together all the better, though sometimes it's not so easy.

I love how the graphics are simple and not hard on the eyes like the graphic novels of old.   These are clearly legible, with simple colours that don't detract from the storyline.
This graphic novel does what many do well... leave you hanging so you want to get the next book so you can solve the mystery.   Will they be able to see it through?   Will the gang solve the code?
Do I recommend it?
For sure.  It's an easy read that introduces coding to your students AND if they decide they are interested, they can visit the secret coders website and learn more!  Pretty cool that!  :)

Title: Secrets and Sequences
Author: Gene Luen Yan
Illustrator: Mike Holmes
Series: Secret Coders
Publisher: First Second Books
Pages: 112
Age: 8-12 years
Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

 Where can you find it? - Secret Coders: Secrets & Sequences - Secret Coders: Secrets & Sequences

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  1. Looks fun for one interested in coding. Neat idea for sure.

    1. It is, I wish the graphic novel design didn't turn my lad off of it.


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