Sharing My Open Tabs

 So every once in a while I get a whack of open tabs in my browsers and I want to keep them but don't always know where to put them so I'm going to plunk them down here and see what you all make of them.  :)

From random conversations, books read & general homeschooling.

In physics we were learning about a plumb line so I have this page of images saved for when the lad says "what's a plumb line again mom?"   For those who don't know a plumb line is "a line with a plumb attached to it, used for finding the depth of water or determining the vertical on an upright surface."

KodKod.   It's a type of wild cat!   You can learn more here.
Lori told me about this program called Quizlet.  I am intending to add to my freebies over here but simply haven't gotten around to it yet. 

This really cool version of the Periodic Table.   Planning to link it up on the freebies as well, but you know.. life happens. 

Random Stuff: 

Dear Homeschooler has a camping link up that I've been intending to put some things on and again... been rather busy. 

Quarto.   Just because I've been doing a few reviews for them and wanted to check out what else they represented.  I am hopeful that I can get a few more to do.  :)

Breathe Conference.   I want to go to this conference.  I want to apply for the scholarship but am needing to stop feeling intimidated by the idea.

TownWideYard Sale.  it's yard sales...what can I say?   :)

How to Cut Glass.  It's just fascinating and I want to try doing this sometime.  

 Mystery Science.   I've been checking out some of these stuff off and on for a while.  Need to link it on my freebies page yet too.

All about Birds.  Another one I want to save.  I've had this one on my browser since my son took a birding class last spring.   Along with this other bird related one. What Bird

Fun way to Introduce Chemistry.  What can i say... looks like a fun game!

and that's about it.  There's also a few recipes saved on the tablet, but that's cause I want to blog about them with pictures of the food I made.  :)

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  1. I love this idea! Now I just have to convince my kids to stop closing all my open tabs every time they use the computer! :)

    1. my son is strictly forbidden too! Drives me crazy when accidents happen too!

  2. Now that is a good way to keep track of some things!

    1. I know eh? I like doing this once in a while.


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