Art Book: Canadian Art Ideas

The Canadian Art Ideas is a teacher resource book.    I used it with the lad when he was younger as it's geared for grades 2-4.  It has over 50 different art activities, which honestly aren't just good for Canada.

What makes it Canadian is the section they have about 2/3's of the way through the book, Canadian Inspired Art Ideas, which covers topics such as aboriginal snowshoes, Canadian collage, the aurora borealis and more. 

The book is mostly though pages you can use to teach different art concepts which is a world wide teaching aspect eh?  :)   Subjects such as texture, symmetry, line design, geometric shapes, drawing people and using dough to make structures. 

It's a handy 80 page book that is almost fully reproducible (the student pages, not the teaching pages) for use with your homeschool or class. 
 This book is a useful addition to the study of art for any class any where, and helpful when studying the different areas of Canada for inspiration of how to do art differently as part of your studies. 

Canadian Art Ideas
Grade 2-4
Canadian Curriculum Teaching Resource
80 pages.
Type: Teacher Resource
Over 50 different art ideas
Chalkboard Publishing

Where can you find it? Canadian Art Ideas Grades 2-4

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