Art Book: Splash of Color

 Ah... I need to apologize to you all.. being away last week totally wrecked up my routine for getting posts ready for the blog.  TOTALLY!!!    I need to figure out a way to get caught back up!  

Anyways, I have a neat book here for you today... it's not a little book by any means, rather long... think the size of those big sketch books you can buy for art ... NOT the HUGE ones, but those middle sized ones.   It's called Splash of Color.  It's a painting and colouring book.

I know I know.. SAY WHAT?  

It's a painting and colouring book, it's made on watercolour paper so you can colour the pages with watercolour brushes or pens, or use paints OR use pencil crayons. 
The point is to colour.  :)

 Isn't that welcome lovely?   Makes me think of the pleasure it brings to share art with each other doesn't it with you too?   And this book calls you to make art, to share that art on the easy tear off sheets. 

I have GOT to show you my favourite design in the whole book.  I have this major thing for chickens.  :)  So guess what!   I found a chicken!!!!!
Though admittedly I also like this one: 
Lest you think they only have animals in this book, let me show you some of the variety.
The paper is a very sturdy watercolour paper, able to be pulled out easily to be displayed.  They are designed so they will fit in 9 x 12 frame.  The pages, as you can see pull up from the top.
The opening cover fits smoothly behind each page to provide additional support in your painting & colouring endeavors. 

I definitely recommend this book you and if you do get it, you might want to consider trying out their watercolor pencils as well!

 Splash of Color: Painting & Coloring Book
Author:  Liz Libre of Linda & Harriett 
Pages: 50
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

Where can you find it? - Splash of Color Painting & Coloring Book - Splash of Color Painting & Coloring Book

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  1. Looks like another lovely book. Right up your alley!

    1. It's a lovely book, and the paper is great!

  2. What a lovely book - I've never seen this one before!

    1. Oh fun, nice to show you something new.

  3. I LOVE that it's not just for crayons or colored pencils. I love painting and often am feeling uninspired to draw... this would be perfect! Off to add it to my wishlist!

    1. It is a very neat book

    2. It is a very neat book


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