Blessings in Abundance

When I saw the word blessings this morning you know what I immediately thought of?

My day yesterday.  :)


It was a rainy/cloudy type morning so we kinda honestly vegged.  My lad wanted to watch Harry Potter movies and since he was motivated and finished his summer schedule early we did!   

This was so  nice, spending time with family AND I was able to finally start the book of Romans.

Later we headed out of the house because he had a birthday party to go to.   He chatted the WHOLE way there rather than being stuck into his tablet games.

I dropped him off.
Then headed out to visit with my mom.

We had such a delightful visit.  Seriously.
We chatted about this and that.  Serious moments, light hearted moments, just good time to visit. She took me out and got me a purse, wallet AND supper.  :)
She even let me borrow her camera so I could take pictures of a small children's book for a review (it's coming), looked through it and gave me her comments.  Then she kept it as a gift for a wee niece of mine. (daughter of a niece).

Picking up my lad again I had a chance to chat with the birthday boy's mom.  So nice to get caught up again.  I was reminded about how I need to take more time to visit with friends.

Then on the way home my lad chatted all the way home again.  It was so nice to talk with him, hearing about the things he's learning about, finding out about the party he was at and all the good things that happened there.  Just delightful.  We don't talk enough sometimes I think. It's so easy in the car to plug in a story to listen to, that we forget to just chat sometimes.

When I got home and after I got him settled, I was so wired from the day that going to bed seemed hard and then a friend contacted me (two actually).  One with a request that I was able to fill... which made her happy (which made me happy), and the second was a conversation with another friend (who is close to my heart).  :)  

My heart was so full of the blessings of God.

In the comments... let me know what blessings you've received lately so I can celebrate with you eh?  :)
This is a five minute Friday post. the word prompt is brought to us by Miss Kate over at Five Minute FridayWhat is Five Minute Friday?  Well it's a party of a group of like minded folks who gather on Friday to do a five minute free write around a singular word.  AND THEN (and this is the most important part) we take the time to offer up encouragement to each other on this writing journey.  It's fun, though it's not always easy, but it is always good.   Come join us won't you?  You are always welcome.
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  1. Sounds like you had a blessed day of friendly conversations! I always feel good when I can spend some extra time chatting with those I love and care about. By the way, I love that purse...beautiful!

  2. That is a cute purse! So glad you had good talks w/ your lad. The girls and I had good ones yesterday too. Such a reason to count our blessings!

  3. This is such a lovely post- I'm glad you had such a good day! My day was pretty stressful yesterday but there were blessings in the midst of it- good friends that supported and encouraged me, a conversation I expected to be really difficult that went so well and then a lovely evening with friends that took my mind off the stresses of the day. So true that there are always blessings to be found if we look for them.

    1. Lesley, thank you. So nice y o see the blessings isn't it?

  4. Connections with loved ones . . . those are some of the best blessings! Let's see, recent blessings for me. I've had some good conversations with my boys, some about difficult topics. Time spent praying with my mom. An amazingly thoughtful husband. A little time to write this week. There are more, but these are the ones that came to mind first.

    I'm so glad you had a blessing-kind-of-day!

    1. Oh, sounds like a lovely week. :)

  5. So glad you had a good visit and the lad had an enjoyable time. And that purse? It is lovely!

    1. thank you. I kinda like it too. :)


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