Canada Book: C is for Canada

Allow me to introduce to you a sweet board book all about Canada, perfect for your littlest ones to learn some of the fun things about Canada.  It was my pleasure to review C is for Canada: A Canuck Primer.   In case you didn't know, Canuck is one way of saying Canadian. 

The colours are bold and bright, with simple details to draw the eye.    20 pages of colour and ideas.  Some pages like this one double up on the letters, while others.
like this one of Ogopogo devote a whole page to one letter.

 It's a very sturdy board book, just right for the hands of your littles.  I like that it introduced a whole variety of subjects from birds, to animals, places and tourist attractions.  
 My Recommendation:
A wide array of subject matter.  A book that teaches young ones simple concepts about Canada.  Easy to read font.  Sturdy board book.

All this makes it a great book to your youngsters.

 C is for Canada: A Canuck ABC Primer

Author: Trish Madson

Illustrator:y David W Miles 
Pages: 20
Publisher: Familius LLC
Approximately 8 x 8
Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

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From C is for Canada: A Canuck ABC Primer

From C Is for Canada: A Canuck ABC Primer

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  1. ABC Books do such a good job of teaching along a theme. This one looks so colorful and fun.

    1. It is. Just a lovely book to learn about Canada.


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