Canada Book: Canadian Province Notebook

 This is a different Canada book than I normally would post. This is a notebooking workbook that I have used off and one with my lad throughout our homeschooling journey. I haven't USED the book persay, but I've used the ideas found within it's pages. 

Let me tell you about "Canadian Province Notebook".  

Filled with notebooking and workbook pages that will help you work through the Canadian Provinces. 

The book starts off with teaching students how to find and request letters of information from provinces.   Granted with the ease now of going to provincial website and simply connecting with their tourism department, having to write off for letters is a bit not as necessary I think.  Though the practice of learning how to write letters requesting help is a good one to learn. 

It also walks the student through how to use a bibliography and how to write cards with all the information on them from the books they use for a report.   It even provides a checklist for the student to use when writing their reports in the notebooking pages to make sure they've included all the information they need to and are on topic. 

 One of the features I like is that the inside front and back covers have the provincial symbols (except for the crests and flags) of each of the provinces and territories.  It is a touch outdated as it doesn't have Nunavut in it.

Canadian Province Notebook
A Beka Book
42 pages
Notebooking workbook

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  1. Looks like it has gotten some good use and provided lots of ideas. I do like books that are so flexible.

    1. This one is very flexible, one of the reasons I held on to it for so long


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