Two weeks ago I was in a state of expectation.
A longing,
A hoping for,
A waiting for 
Time away

Holidays awaited
Time with my hubby
Time with my boy,
A time to visit with on-line friends.
I waited and hoped and foresaw good things.

We hiked.
We museumed.
We toured.
We listened. 
We even sang, and biked, and watched in amazement.

Caves, speakers, water, birds, 
Peepers busy peeping...how close can we sneak?
The thrum of a bullfrog 
The patter of rain and
The ACK of wetness on a sleeping bag unplanned.

The sorrow of no visits with on-line friends.
The delight of seeing a heron on the prowl.

Expectations seen and exceeded.
Expectations hoped for and missed.

So what do you expect?  

This is a five minute Friday post. the word prompt is brought to us by Miss Kate over at Five Minute FridayWhat is Five Minute Friday?  Well it's a party of a group of like minded folks who gather on Friday to do a five minute free write around a singular word.  AND THEN (and this is the most important part) we take the time to offer up encouragement to each other on this writing journey.  It's fun, though it's not always easy, but it is always good.   Come join us won't you?  You are always welcome.
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  1. Loved this, Annette, so very evocative...and I always had a soft spot for herons (and kingfishers).

    #1 at FMF this week.


    1. Herons are cool birds Andrew. So glad we got to watch one hunt.

  2. Such a sweet summary of your time. Expectations are both joyful and sorrowful, aren't they?

  3. Loved this, Annette. Expectations are funny things, aren't they? I'm so thankful God knows what we need, and He know how to meet (or not) our expectations. I'm so glad you and your family had a wonderful time. It sounds like where you went was beautiful.

    1. we enjoyed Pennsylvania. Very pretty land. The hills were hard on the car though...

    2. We spent some time in PA last summer. My first time there. We loved it. :)

    3. It is beautiful

  4. What do I expect? Hmm...maybe an email from you. Definitely I expect to read when you writ more about your trip. I expect that God will meet all of my needs, because I know I cannot meet them myself! I also expect that He will teach me once again the difference between wants and needs. :)

    1. I'll send you one I'll send you One!!! Need to do that soon.yes he will

  5. Very good Annette. Sometimes our expectations exceed our days and sometimes our days exceed our expectations. And sometimes it is all how we look at things.


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