Garden, What about the bushy one?

Garden, The Bushy One

Come see my Love
Come see won't you? much progress has been made?
This patch, you used to not see the spinach, 
Remember that my love?

Ah, yes, I can see it.
The weeds were knee high.
Good job hun, 

Can you tell me.
What is the bushy thing in with the lettuce?

Oh shush hun
The weed grew while I was...
See hun...See that garden there?

See how you can see the tomatoes again?

Ah yes, I see hun.
So when is the bushy thing getting out of the lettuce?

I sigh.
I shake my head.

I don't get annoyed.
Because he is who he is.
A perfectionist who 
Can only see the bushy thing in the lettuce.

My boy is the same.

Good thing I've learned from his dad eh?
Helps me show more grace to a lad.

Only sees "the bushy thing".

This garden of a lad I grow as well.
Pleased I am when I see sin falling away.
Sorrowful I am when sometimes a lad only sees 
"the one thing" and
Doesn't see his own growth in the Lord.

Prayer and patience.
That's the way to get any kind
Of Garden to Grow.

This post is in response to a word prompt the crew does for Instagram fun.
I find it relaxing and fun to do them as random word posts for myself and you.  :)

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  1. OH Annette! This is so good! Thank you! - Lori

    1. Thanks Lori, still makes me smile


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