Parenting Series: Lost

Our children aren't just badly behaved at times, they are individuals lost in sin. Everything they do stems from that condition.   

This means you need to think about what a lost child needs.
1. Insight.  They need to see how they need your oversight and protection.  They need to understand that what they are fighting is the sin that is within them.

2. Compassion.  One doesn't get mad at a lost child, or scold them for being lost.  One offers aid to a lost child, doing their best to have them become found.

3. Hope.  As children begin to realize their lost condition, we can have hope.  We are then in a position to show them the help that is available to them. God sent his son to redeem them, all they need to do is call out to him for help and believe that he'll do so.

4. Rescue.  Parenting is a heart-rescue mission.  We can't force our children to turn to the Lord God.  All we can do is point the way.  We can address their heart issues, and praying that God will open their eyes and heart to him.

5. Wisdom.  Teaching our children how to say no.  To say no to sin, to the temptation to behave in ways they shouldn't.   This is an important concept to teach them.

I have found this chapter falls into line with the rest of the book.  The realization that we are no different from our children, and like them we have need for insight, hope, rescue, compassion and wisdom.  We so need God's intervention in our lives.

If we know this and truly accept it, then it makes it easier for us to offer it to our children don't you think?

To follow along in the rest of the series, go here.  

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  1. I appreciated a previous Tripp book (something about capturing their heart). Looks like I will need to check this one out also!

  2. This looks like an amazing and thought-provoking resource. I will look into it!

    1. Oh good!!! It's a great book

  3. I enjoy reading what you are taking away from each chapter.


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