Parenting Series: Authority


We all fight it. 

We fight it tooth and nail, so why shouldn't our children be any different?

We all have the same heart condition.  A desire to do what we want to do and not do what anyone else wants us to do.  Even the people pleasers among us please us because it serves us well to do so. 

We all have this need, this push for self-rule.

The only one who can truly deal with this "I want to be in control" part of us is Jesus.  God's grace is what helps us.    

Knowing that.. what is our "job" as parents?

To teach our children to obey our authority as this teaches them how to obey God's authority.   So as we exercise our authority as ambassadors of Christ, we are doing the work of the gospel.  

Remember whom we represent to our children, if we are raising them in a godly household.  We represent God.  That should influence our every relationship.

So how do we help our children see their need for God?
 - Help them understand why they do what they do
 - Establish your authority early in the little things.
 - Help your children see their heart in their actions
 - Be consistent in your exercising of authority...not affected by your mood, emotions, health, time etc.  Be consistent as God would be. 
 - Point your children to the hope of the Lord, how God is the one who changes hearts and minds. 

I can't say this was the easiest chapter to work through. 

it's given me ideas about how I can keep talking with my lad about his heart and how that ties in with his actions.  I need to keep talking about the hope that is found in the Lord.  Not just focusing on the moment, but on the forever.

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