Recipe: Beef Stroganoff

It was my turn to cook, and as I had found a roast on sale, I decided to make a recipe I had made in a long time (taking my lad's not doing cooked mushroom thing into account).  I loosely based it off this recipe off  

Ingredients and Directions: 

Put about a pound of cooked beef cut into strips or small pieces into a fry pan.  Add one largish onion, diced.  along with a wee bit of beef juices (from your leftover roast) to cook the onion in a bit.  

Add some spices... I did a red pepper mix with some black pepper and garlic.   Let that cook for a wee bit then add a can of cream of mushroom soup.   Let simmer on low for a while.  

You need to cook the egg noodles, about 8 oz.

When egg noodles are almost done, toss some peas into the water with them.  AND put 1 1/4 cup of greek yogurt (if you like a bit of tang) or the same amount of sour cream into your fry pan.  Let simmer til heated through (turn up heat a bit if necessary but not much and if you do stir it while it heats).   Drain noodles/peas.   Add to the fry pan and heat through.

Serve immediately.

Dad: Tastes good hun
Son: I like the noodles and sauce mom, not sure about the meat.  YEAH!!!  No mushrooms!
Me: Thought it tasted well, and I'd been in the mood for stroganoff for a while so it met that need.


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  1. I really like the idea of adding peas to the recipe! I will give it a try as my kids have the same reaction to mushrooms as your lad does. Thanks for sharing!

    1. some like the peas, others don't. peas are a favourite veggie of mine so I put them in lots of dishes.

  2. Sounds yummy. Might have to try a variation of this with a meat we can eat.

    1. Lamb or goat would probably work


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