Review: The Elephant Scientist

Today I have a third book for you from the Scientists in the Field series, this one is The Elephant Scientist.   I have previously reviewed Pluto and Dolphins of Shark Bay.  This is an excellent book that taught me so much about elephants... in ways I totally didn't expect!  :)

Ever wonder how elephants know there is a storm coming?  When I read this section of the book I was totally hooked.
I so wanted to know if there was a possibility of being true.  Could elephants be linked with insects?  Could this trait be useful?   That's the question.   So we delved into the world of elephant feet, elephant alarm sounds, and more.   Learning about elephant societies, the females and their groups, the boys and theirs.    Intermingled in the compelling words were a whole host of images, to draw in the reader (aimed at youth 10-12 years old).  The full colour images were stunning in their detail and observation of elephant life.

The pages are well balanced between text and images.
I was fascinated by the idea that they use the alarm calls of elephants to keep them from damaging the fields and gardens of farmers and homeowners.  We didn't just learn about these two ideas, look what else you get to learn about.
Elephant Scientist is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the Elephants, learning how they can tell them apart, how the males form groups, how the females live in matriarchal groups, their strong social interconnection, differences in how they respond to alarm calls and so much more.  A very interesting book.  :)

My Thoughts:
 I have a firm appreciation for the scientists in the field series.  I love meeting the people researching these different topics, and Elephant Scientist is no exception.   A neat idea about elephants, the research to test out that theory, with helping elephants being the end goal. 

Elephant Scientist
By: Caitlin O'Connell & Donna M. Jackson
Images: Caitlin O'Connell & Timothy Rodwell
Series: Scientists in the Field
Pages: 80
Ages: 10-12 years
Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

Where can you find it? The Elephant Scientist The Elephant Scientist (Scientists in the Field Series)

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  1. Some really neat ideas to explore there! Elephants are fascinating, in general, I think. They are among my favorites to watch at the zoo. :-) Looks like a good book!

    1. Its a lovely book kym, just packed full of info

  2. We read/ skimmed through this book just a few months ago when we were studying Africa. There was so much information inside and the pictures were wonderful.

    1. Its a great book. Was hard to put down.

  3. Looks interesting with lots of topics that are unusual.

    1. It was very much an interesting book.

  4. That looks like a beautiful book; so many cool things about elephants!


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