Review: Grand Canyon

Ever wondered about the Grand Canyon, thinking about the animals that lived there or even how it came into being?   Jason Chin takes us on a picturesque journey through the many layers of the Grand Canyon, introducing us to the plants, animals and rocks that we'll find along the way.

Jason Chin has put together a beautifully illustrated book that speaks to us of the history of The Grand Canyon.   He carefully takes us through the different layers, showing us the rocks, animals and plants that live along the way.
 This meaty picture book exceeded my expectations as it talked about the rock formation, and why it happened.   He dwelt heavily upon evolutionary principles but as he did so he showed the beauty of the Grand Canyon, and the huge variety of habitats and animals found throughout.  From the heat of the inner beauty to the hidden oasis found within.   I wanted to go see the Grand Canyon for myself by the time I was done, while realizing I could never see all that he showed me without hiking it myself.

He took the time to teach about concepts such as weathering, rock layers, ripple marks from mud flats, and much more.  Making this a highly useful book for anyone wanting to learn about the Grand Canyon.

He talks to us about fossils and takes imaginary trips back in time to show us what life might have been like back then in the Grand Canyon.

There is also a huge fold out that shows the beauty of the Grand Canyon.  I could not get the whole thing in my camera frame.  :)
The last section of the book is devoted to facts to help you understand the geology of the Grand Canyon all the more.  By looking at the rocks found in the present, we can imagine what might have been in the past.   Layer by layer learning to appreciate the Grand Canyon.
 Mr. Chin explains some of this thinking as he created this book:

My Thoughts:
I never expected that a picture book, with illustrations as opposed to images, could convey to me the depth and breadth of the Grand Canyon.   This book helped me to see the immensity of it as well as the beauty of wonder.  Jason Chin did an excellent job.   A well crafted book that will benefit the classroom as well as individual enjoyment.

 Grand Canyon
By: Jason Chin
Roaring Brook Press
Pages: 56
Ages: 7 - 12 years
Type: Hardcover with fly
Approximately 10 x 12 inches

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

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  1. What a lovely book. We hope to visit there and this will have to go on the prep list.

    1. You should. Gives a good overview but relies heavily on evolutionary principles


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