Review: Kids NIV Visual Study Bible

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get tired of the variety of kids bible out there.  Brick bibles, fairy bibles, Storybook bibles and more.... Sometimes I wonder why they can't make a bible that is just a helpful aid to a child, truly geared toward them without compromising the integrity of the scriptures.  

Zonderkidz has come out with a Visual study bible geared toward youth age 8-12, and I think it's rather well done.   

So what do you get?
The full bible, in the NIV translation,  which admittedly is not my favourite translation, but one can find something to not like in many translations.  :)  It is is a translation and not a paraphrase!   :)

Since it is a study bible it has the features you would expect in a study bible.

Each chapter starts off with a book synopsis.
Stating such things as who wrote the book, what the major themes are, why it was written and more.

Written in easily understood language without overwhelming the youth with all the details found in adult study bibles.   There is just enough information to help youth learn to appreciate how a study bible can help them learn more about the grace and grandeur of God.

The way the bible is designed is the biblical text is printed on white paper with the sidebars in a yellowish-beige colour.   In the sidebar you will find images, notes and questions to ponder. 

You might from a picture of Jezebel, or a censor, or a grape vine.

 You might also find a break out for a Character study.
Or a highlight of important lessons to consider.

Lots of visual ways to increase interest in what a person is reading. Over 700 images, with full colour maps throughout, numerous infographics and more.  I especially liked when I would find questions in the sidebar relating to a particular verse on the page. All these little features to draw young readers into the text.

My Thoughts:
I have to admit, I LIKE this bible.   If I didn't make use of an online version I'd be tempted to make this my bible.  :)   Ergo I think it will be a good bible for my lad to use.  :)

NIV Kids Visual Study Bible
Glossary sections on cover.
Version: NIV

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Where can you find it? NIV Kids' Visual Study Bible, Hardcover, Full Color Interior: Explore the Story of the Bible---People, Places, and History NIV Kids' Visual Study Bible, Hardcover, Full Color Interior: Explore the Story of the Bible---People, Places, and History

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  1. This looks like a very good study aid for children. Will keep it on my radar for future needs. - Lori


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