Review: Run with Me

 Run with Me is the story of an U.S. Olympic Champion which started in Jamaica and ended in Oregon.   Sanya Richards-Ross lived a life of faith combined with the joy of running.

Written towards youth as the intended audience, Ms. Richards-Ross speaks with a candor about listening to the Lord as you engage in your daily activities. She lists five P's that she has found pivotal to her life.

Ms. Richards-Ross has been running ever since she was a little girl.  Running was simply part of her life that she enjoyed.   She found it hard sometimes to push through (as every runner does) but the end result was a lady born to run, and to run with speed.

I remember watching her run in the Olympics and being amazed at her speed.

Learning from her coach the first four P's, a fifth was added for her faith.  Seeing her faith in God and learning how God made himself known to her was great to read about.  Learning to listen to voice of God is a great thing for anyone to learn.  You can see her work ethic, how she pushed through the pain, trained relentlessly (1000 reps at night), running races and PUSHING to win.   She had an end goal and worked until she achieved it.

My Thoughts:
I appreciated so much how the importance of listening to those who have gone on before you is stressed: from listening to her coach (who taught her the first four P's), to listening to her dad and enjoying his support, to the love of her family, and even to getting mental help from experts.   She learned from everyone around her, including God, how to make the game she played, better. 

Part of her end goal was to be a good role model for any youth that might come along after her.  To that end she used her physical condition, mental stability and work ethic to become the World and Olympic Champion that she is today. 

It was a good book to read, one that I think middle schoolers could enjoy and learn from.
They will most definitely enjoy her pictures that are included, in full colour, in the middle of the book.   Pictures from youth through to her Olympic wins.

Run With Me
Sanya Richards-Ross: the story of an U.S. Olympic Champion
Age: 8-12
Pages: 208

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Where can you find it? Run with Me: The Story of a U.S. Olympic Champion Run with Me: The Story of a U.S. Olympic Champion

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  1. Looks interesting. Bios are fun to read.

    1. It was. Brought back memories of watching her run that's for sure


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