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Do you have a child needing a good grounding in math facts? Are they acting like they are ready to take an Algebra course but you aren't certain, or you want to make sure they have all their facts before they embark on a full Algebra course?   If so UnLock Math's UnLock Pre-Algebra is just the course you need! 

Unlock Math is a online computer program designed to take incremental steps to solidly teach your children the math they need to know.   Step by step, day by day, using a set method to teach.
Working from the warm up through to the challenge section.  My lad has been known to ask "why do they sometimes have harder questions in the warm up section than they do in the practice section?"   And honestly.. I don't know.  I do like that it makes him think without giving him a time pressure to deal with. 

He likes that it has a set method for each lesson, knowing what to expect and about how long it takes for him to complete it. 

It took us a bit of time to understand how to start, you see those rockets next to the name of the chapter?   Click on that!   We kept thinking we needed to click on the chapter title, but it's the rocket that launches the lesson.
 The rocket will lead you to a new section which shows the scope of the chapter. This section will show which lesson has been completed, and which lessons yet to be completed.   I liked how the quizzes and tests were in one column and how they lined up with the lessons completed.   Made it very easy to follow and once my son understood the system I could just let him fly with it.   Often times he completed his lesson without any input from me.  Nice to have that eh?
He told me the videos were very easy to understand.
One section I want to mention that my lad told me he never used "cause I didn't ever need to mom" was the reference notes section.   This section opens up a PDF which are basically the notes of the lesson in written form.  A practical help for those students needing to see things written down.

 It's a well put together, logical math program, designed to encourage your students to do well at math.  The grading is automatic, and you can watch their progress as the teacher.
With the students being able to watch their progress as well.  For the overall course

 as well as for the individual course.

 My Thoughts:

So son, what do you think of Unlock Math?
"It teaches me new things in a way that makes sense."

Which you do like better?  Your favourite ever math program or Unlock?
"I don't know mom, I like them both."

You get to choose what math you want to do today, which one will you do?
"I think I will do...Unlock Math. is that okay?"

I have to admit, I'm surprised.  My son has a math program that he loves, to the point that he'll argue with me over it's merits versus any other program.   He started Unlock Math with a great deal of trepidation.  Would it be as good as his favourite math program or not?   What happened if he hated it?   Would he be forced to endure another math program that he hated?

About the second lesson in he came to me with a great deal of surprise "Mom, Unlock taught me something I didn't know!!!"   I smiled.  My lad was hooked.  This.. this is a good math program.  A program that can cause my lad to forego the "best ever math" for it.   It's left me surprised as I listen to my lad explain what an integer is, and how I missed teaching him one of the greater than, less than signs, and (on and on).  It's good to have a boy talking math and what he's learning.  Very good indeed.

Vendor: UnLock Math
Product received: Unlock Pre-Algebra
Type: Math Program, On-line.
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