Review:The Imperfect Disciple

 The other day the lad and I were talking about how much I enjoyed this book and how that would make it a hard book to review.   He didn't understand how that could be.   I said "well, if I don't like the book I can say this is what I didn't like and this is why.   But when I have a book that I really enjoy I just want to tell people "READ IT, It's GOOD"."   

So the Imperfect Disciple by Jared C. Wilson.. READ IT, IT's GOOD!.  :)

Okay, so maybe I can't tell you to just go read it because it's a good book, perhaps I need to tell you why I loved (yes LOVED) this book so much.

1. Jared writes like my hubby preaches.  He breaks down points to make them easily understood.  Uses scripture well, and within contest.  He shows his heart.

2. God's grace is clearly shown throughout the book.  How God knows us SO well and yet still calls us his own.

3. My heart was broken and touched.  I wept, I laughed, I talked about different points with my lad.  It was a book that compelled me to stop and THINK about what I was being taught, and how I could let that change my life and my heart.  I intend to keep this book and read it again and to have my lad read it next year.  

4. I want to have more copies of it so I can share it everyone I think who would possibly read it. I want their lives to be impacted by the simple, yet profound truths locked within the pages of this book.

5. This is not a how-to book.   It's not "make sure you read your bible every day in the morning, and pray eight times a day".  It's a  "can you see what it means to behold God, to really BEHOLD him (not just look or see but to behold.. it's a different connotation)", "let me point out the advantages and disadvantages of Christian fellowship".   It's real life and tough and not always easy, but God's heart and love are always held forth as a source of strength, comfort and encouragement.

6. The writing style is casual, with humour and sarcasm used freely.   Because his style is casual, it makes me more apt to listen to his words cause it's like talking with a brother or a mentor.  So you listen and want to talk back and think about what is said. 

7. Speaks straight into the heart of the Christian who struggles with their imperfections and struggles to be a good disciple of Christ.  Who desperately wants to walk in the way of the Lord but finds themselves stumbling, more oft then not, over their own two feet.   THIS IS a book for ME.  I stumble and fall and get up again, and this book left me feeling so encouraged and beloved of the Lord.
So what do you get in the book. 
The introduction.. YES.. read this too!
1. Sin and the art of soul maintenance
2.  Good News for Losers
3. Staring at the Glory until you see it
4. The Rhythm of listening
5. The Rhythm of Spilling your guts
6. The Revolution will not be instagrammed
7. The Nine Irrefutable laws of fellowship
8. Will the real me please stand up?
9. Does Grace Go all the way down?
10. Lurv Wins.
AND don't forget to read the conclusion.

The Imperfect Disciple: Grace for People Who Can't Get their Act together
Jared C. Wilson
Baker Books
234 Pages
softcover, slightly larger book 8 by 6 approximately

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Where can you find it?  (cause you really need to get it) - The Imperfect Disciple: Grace for People Who Can't Get Their Act Together - The Imperfect Disciple: Grace for People Who Can't Get Their Act Together

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  1. Sounds like a very good one to read. I will add it to my list. I really like books that make me think about God and what He wants from me. I NEED that kind of prompting. - Lori

    1. yes, don't we all? I found this a lovely book that made me think about a whole lot of things differently.


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