A trip to Pennsylvania.
Dad for a conference,
Mom and lad to go exploring.

We took a tent, some supplies, and our bikes.
We spent our days exploring.
Penn's Cave.
Hershey's Chocolate World.
Indian Echo Dell Caves
Harrisburg Science Museum
The State Capital.

Sore feet.
Sore backs.
Tired brains.
Simple affordable food.

and as sunset fell across the campground
A lad and his mom.
A lad outpacing his mom.
He shouts of encouragement.
"Mom!  You can catch up to me!"

Fellow campers grinning.
The tree peepers chorusing.
The bullfrog thrumming.
"You can do it, you can do it, yes you can".
 The Heron takes flight.

Mom stops.
These hills are hard.
A picture taken.
A boy breathing hard races to find
Where his mother stopped
to see the lake
to breath easily
And he smiles
and says
"Nice, isn't it mom?"
"I had to find where you were."

Kind and thoughtful 
this lad of mine.

It was good to spend time with
this growing young man.

He makes my heart smile.
God has blessed me

Enjoy the Sunset!

This post is in response to a wordprompt
the homeschool review crew uses for instagram fun.
I find it relaxing and enjoyable to turn them into posts for you and me.  :)

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