Art Book: Goats of Anarchy

I have to admit, I struggled about where to put this book in my line up.   It's not an art book per-say, but photography is a form of art and it's a big way that Leanne Lauricella spreads the word through her instagram account about her beloved goats.

This is a book of photographs, albeit very cute ones of goats.  I grew up with goats running around.  They are characters who seem to know just how to get into trouble, or to make themselves look so cute as to get out of the trouble they found themselves in.  

The goats of anarchy are no different.

Come on.. Look at this face.  :) 

This book is just filled with images of her goats.  :)

I have to admit, I did need to wrestle with even posting this book though.  As a person who raises and breeds rabbits I dislike people making assumptions, or making farmers look bad, or use inflammatory language in regards to other people who raise and breed animals.   I saw all this in the text of Goats of Anarchy.  I understand that people involved in rescue tend to see the worst of people, and it's really easy to make assumptions, or accusations, or to paint people with one paint brush.   Doesn't mean I don't HATE it.  "Cause I do.

That said.. I do know that there are nasty people out there. 
Not everyone cares well for their critters, and some have more ability to allow suffering that I cannot abide.   For animals caught up in that nastiness.. I am SO GLAD there are rescues out there to say "hey baby goat... let me help you out".

So I can not whole heartedly recommend this book to you.  I don't know if you have the ability to weed through the rhetoric found in the pages, but if you are able to ignore or wade past the "language of rescuers" to enjoy the great photography of goats being well.. the silly, creative, smart critters they can be... then it's a fun book to look through.  :)

The first half of the book introduces us to her goats.   Sometimes she does a group shot, and then she'll do individual shots.  Not everyone is a goat though... into the mix are a couple of pigs, mini horse and donkey.

 She gives a snippet of information about health needs and history, and snippets. 

It was a fun little book to go through.   Some of her goats have been through a rough time and she's given them a better place to be, and that's a good thing.   Mind...if you go through it.. watch out for those goat smiles....they'll make you want to get one of your own for sure!  :)

Goats of Anarchy: A woman's quest to save the world one goat at a time.
Leanne Lauricella
Rock Point Publishers
Pages: 144

Type: Photojournal of goats

Reviewed for:  Quarto Group

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  1. Photography is definitely an art form. This sounds like a strange book, for sure.

    1. Its different than what I would normally review. But not bad. Just has a rescue mindset that im not keen on

  2. Goats are such interesting subjects for photos. Good balanced review of the book!

    1. They are indeed kym, and thank you.


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