Art Book: StickerBomb Journal Galaxy

Know what I was doing the other day?   Cleaning off book shelves.  Oh my!  It was amazing the books I pulled off and said "I don't need to keep this book".  So out it went.   A good 10 of them were space exploration books, my son is done exploring space so they headed off to the book sale.

When I brought in the mail, this little gem was in the packet from Raincoast.  I looked and thought hmm.. odd little sticker book and then I REALLY looked at it and's not a sticker book, it has sticker for personalization, but it's really a journal.   How cool would this have been for my boy to use while we were studying space!!

He could have jotted down notes, drawn pictures, pasted in images and what not.  It would have been all contained in one neat looking space oriented journal.

The page quality is wonderful.  Thick without being cumbersome, and 128 pages!!!   So much room seriously!    Even if you didn't want to use it as part of a study, it's a great journal just for jotting down notes and what not. 
Four pages of stickers are included to personalize the cover.  That's over 100 stickers to use to make this journal your own.   I didn't test to see if the stickers can be removed and reapplied, so if getting it you'd need to test that out on your own. 

My thoughts:
It's a really nice journal, geared toward children, that would be just lovely for jotting down thoughts, or using as a notebooking spot when doing a space unit study.  :)

StickerBomb Journal: Galaxy 
Designed by SRK
Published by Laurence King
Pages: 128
Age: any
Approximately 6 x 8 inches.

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

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  1. How neat. Journals are great so this will be a neat one for someone to use.


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