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Today I am reviewing for you an Activity-Pak rather than a regular book.  :)   Home School in the Woods has put together the Artists Activity-Pak that the lad and I have been learning from for the past few weeks.   I've been sharing some of the pictures on Instagram, but I want to tell you all about it right now!  :)   This unit is part of a larger series of Activity-Paks.

 Home School in the Woods has kept my son and I busy learning about Artists throughout history for the past several weeks.   Activity-Paks are lap books designed to be more than a lap book.  Students should be able to complete them independently (depending on their ability) along with additional activities to add to your study.

You can use the lapbook elements to add to your own study, or use the lapbook as a basis for a larger study.   Some independent research will be required as you do them.

One of the things I liked about this pack is the conversation it provoked as we went through some of the elements.  

These elements include:
  • Art Media
  • Art Movements
  • Art Exhibition
  • Paint Box Vocabulary
  • Paint like the Masters
  • Art Gallery, File Folder Game
I have to admit that I struggled with two of the elements. I found it impossible to put together The File Folder Game and the Artist Exhibition.  I tried printing them off several times but just couldn't figure out the orientation between two separate files for the same element.   Everything I tried had it coming out incorrect so we just simply by-passed doing those elements as written, rather we talked our way through them, taking our time to examine some of the artists and the work they did.  

I am not sure what they could do to make it easier... possibly put arrows in the margins to show which way it should go or something?   It was extremely frustrating. Or make it book format with the proper orientation done already?   Just thoughts.  We didn't miss out an anything in the long run, just didn't do the elements as designed.

Admittedly an element was a touch fussy to make, but as the lad said "I can help you and you can help me".  I LOVE THAT.  It's good to have a lad help out his mom and vice versa.  It's great to laugh and talk together. And if in the process you both learn something, it's a good thing indeed.  :)
One of the things I most appreciated was that html link.   That provided us with a really really easy way to find the files I needed.  It allowed us to skip around and use the elements that interested us the most at the time.  See how they the instructions are in the brown and the elements are in blue?   Makes it so easy to navigate!

We learned about different types of mediums you can use (clay, marble, acrylic etc), artists of old (Michelangelo, Santi, Rubens etc), new types of artistry we hadn't heard about before (monoprint, pointilism etc).   So many different forms of art, and then we got a chance to try our hand at some of them.

Oh Oh!   before I forget.  There's an A La Carte Option!

Home School in the Woods has just introduced an a-la-carte options from some of their projects.   What this means that you can grab and use one or two smaller projects to use.  These aren't complete unit studies, but rather smaller projects to meet a need or an specific interest.  You can learn more about it here.   

Home School in the Woods
Artists Activity-Pak
Received: Ebook with Html Support, comes as PDF files in a zip file

You may find this video helpful in understanding the differences in some of their products:

The Crew has been reviewing a large selection of materials from Home School in the Woods. Home School in the Woods has a whole variety of hands-on history projects for your students to complete.  Here is what we've been looking at.

Time Traveler American

  • New World Explorers
  • Colonial Life 
  • The American Revolution
  • The Early 19th Century
  • *The Civil War
  • Industrial Revolution through Great Depression
  • World War II
  • The Old Testament
  • The New Testament
  • Composers
  • Artists
  • Make-a-State Activity
  • U.S. Elections
  • 20th Century in America
  • Wonders of the World
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Knights
Timeline Trio

To see what we all have to say about these products, click this link OR on the banner below.
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  1. This looks like a really interesting set. I would enjoying working through this with the girls, for sure.

    1. It definitely was an interesting course


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