Creative Friday: Star Wars Builders: Starfighters

Our most recent Friday builders/creative time consisted of us putting together this lovely kit to review from the Star Wars Builders Series.  This one is called Starfighters.  You may recall us reviewing the Millennium Falcon and how much fun that build was.

My son was SO happy to see another in the Star Wars Builder series arrive on our doorstep, but he wanted to wait until just the right day to build it.  This one is the Starfighters set, where you can build a TIE fighter and an X-Wing.  It comes complete with a 64 page book where you can learn about all the different star fighters from both sides of the Star Wars conflict, can even be tested on your knowledge at the end.  

The instructions are very easy to follow, the pieces well numbered and easy to punch out.  Put on sturdy three layer cardstock which works really well for making the models.
My lad had a lot of fun building these flyers.  They were much less complicated than the Millennium Falcon, but that didn't change my lad's delight. He said "I'm going to put these in my room too.  Let them fly from the ceiling.  Won't that be interesting mom?"   I agreed, it will be interesting to let them fly from the ceiling.

The book, as always, full of great images.  This one showed a fighter over a two page spread and then showed the fighter in action.

I loved the full colour aspect of the book, it was will filled with lots of interesting information...which you were then tested on at the end of the book.

My thoughts
It's a lovely book with fun figures to make.   I love the information they give, making this an excellent gift for the Star Wars fan.  The colour in the book with the easy to read tesxt and information, the build, the whole set.... just a good book set for anyone from 7 & up.

A couple of times the numbering got messed up.  So we were very glad to have the pictures to back up what we thought would be correct.
It would be lovely to have a back to the X-wing.  Having it left open makes it feels unfinished.
The TIE fighter, the curve units needed a wider curve to hold all three pieces well.
Compared to the Millennium Falcon these builds are out of proportion.  It would have been good to have them sized somewhat better and perhaps have a couple each.  :)

Star Wars Builders: Starfighters
Adam Bray
Silver Dolphin
64 pages
6 board sheets for doing two builds
Seven years old and up.

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books.

Where can you find it? Star Wars Builders: Starfighters  Star Wars Builders: Starfighters.

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  1. Well, what an interesting project for him. Glad he enjoyed it.


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