Field Trip: Penn's Cave

Penn's Cave in Pennsylvania was a huge amount of fun for all of us to attend.  I want to tell you all about it.  :)    I don't know if my images are any good at all... but you'll cope right?

Penn's Cave is known as America's only all water cave!   You view it by boat!   They made an exit out onto a pond and it's stocked with fish.  :)

The history of Penn's Cave:  The legend of Penn's cave has a trapper named Malachi Boyer falling in love with an Indian princess Nita-nee.   The indians would not allow them to marry so one night they ran away together.  The Nita-nee's father was furious and ordered Boyer thrown into the water cave and guarded so he couldn't escape.  Boyer searched in vain for an alternative exit but failed to find one, so he crawled into the farthest area of the cave from the entrance where he died.   His body was weighted with rocks and thrown into the deepest part of the cavern.

It was a fascinating trip through the cave.  I hope this slideshow lends it justice. :)

After we came out of the cave we needed to walk ALL the way up again.  I took my time and the boys raced on ahead.   They went exploring to where the old entrance used to be.  I walked over to where part of the wildlife park was. 
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  1. Fun visit! I would love to go there some day.

    1. It was great! If you can, go

  2. Not so far from me, but have never been there. Will have to remedy that. :-)


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