Friends: Always worth the risk

Friends, I've got Friends.

I can't say in life I've always had a lot of friends...I've always more of a one friend at a time person.  Just having a person that I can connect with on a personal level is enough.

This year on the crew I'm making friends with different people, and it's rather fun albeit they are long distances friendships that, if you met in person, might not stand the test of real life, but overall, it's rather fun to have people to chat with.

People to share stories about children and know they understand.
People to share recipes with and how to adapt them to meet the needs of others.
People to say "HAPPY CANADA DAY" to, even if they aren't all Canadian.
People to say "hey, I've got this application thing to go through, can you  help?" and know that they will help!  It's very cool.

Not all friends are long-distance.  I'm gaining friends through working at the food bank with the lad (and he is too even if they are older than he is).  I've got friends ready made in my family. 

The Lord God tells us that friendship, relationship with each other is very important. A good friend can be closer than a sibling.  A good friend helps you mind the things of God better.  A good friend builds up, helps, lends a hand, gives you a boost to live life better.  It's a good thing to have friends don't you think?   Whether many or just a few.. it's worth the risk to cultivate friendship in your life.
This post is part of the Crews Instagram word prompt challenge. I find them fun to turn into posts, don't you?

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  1. I'm enough of an extrovert that I love having lots of friends, but of course I can only be super-close with a few of those. But as you say it is ALWAYS worth the risk and it's such a blessing to build friendships with people from so many different backgrounds. I'm sometimes amazed at how dear the online friendships have become!

    1. I know eh? It's been surprising to me.

  2. It is sometimes hard to take the risk to offer friendship but when someone actually takes you up on the offer, it tends to be wonderful. An online friendships have gotten me through some rough times. I am so thankful for friends. :)

    1. so am I. though it's not always easy. It is a goodly thing to risk.


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