HOPETV, Inspiring Summer Viewing

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I have a unique opportunity this week.  HOPETV has asked me to make sure that you, my fellow Canadians, are aware of their summer programming, which is perfect for watching while you are on vacation.  This is a sponsored post.

First off, let me tell you that HOPETV is currently available on Bell 591, throughout Alberta & BC on Telus Optik 875 or Telus Satellite 591, in Manitoba on Shaw/MTS 11 and in Ontario and New Brunswick on Rogers 174.

Are you looking for TV that fills your day with light, love and hope? Tune in to HOPETV and you’ll get the most popular and inspirational programs from the world’s leading Christian ministries.  HOPETV's programming is quite varied, so it will appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

I don't know about you, but when we go on vacation it can be a challenge to find a good local congregation to meet with.  HOPETV would like to fill that gap.  Giving you good programming and music to inspire you for when you are away from your own church. 

For instance, they have a whole segment on the First Nations peoples in Tribal Trails,  Joyce Meyer and the 700 Club, along with a program called Quick Study TV that goes through the entire bible in a year using biblical archaeology, creation science and expository teaching. 

And boy oh boy do they have music, from the beautiful little classics that gives nice background music, to the Gaither Hour, or the Concert Series.  So many options of music, on it's own or set to natures videos.  This music will lift you up and encourage you.  Imagine you are away from your own church and wanting to feel more connected to God, this music will draw your heart in with praise to our Lord and Saviour.

In Touch Ministries, Day of Discovery, Joyce Meyer, and even Joel Osteen.   All sorts of programs to teach and intrigue you.  As you tune in to HOPETV  you will get the most popular and inspirational programs from the world’s leading Christian ministries.   Continue to learn of the things of the Lord even when you are away from your local congregation.

HOPETV gives you a positive, uplifting message to listen to this summer instead of so many of the negative things that fill our lives today.   Be inspired and connected with people of faith this summer vacation, watch HOPETV!

HOPE TV is a subsidiary of ZoomerMedia Limited, a multi-faith, multi-ethnic media outlet that aims to provide Canadians with enlightening, encouraging and educational content. HOPE TV is a unique, lifestyle television service that presents the some of the most popular and inspirational programs from the world’s leading Christian ministries, as well as select local shows representing other faiths. HOPE TV provides online and cable content, and offers a wide range of content, perspectives, and communication styles.

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  1. Interesting. Not something I would be interested in but a good counteraction for so much of the ick that is on regular TV.

    1. Iys good to have balance eh


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