Life Pleasures 1: Hike

 One of my pleasures in life is to go hiking with my family.   The older the lad gets the more he doesn't stay with me and the more he hikes off out front with his dad.  They frequently check back with me to make sure I'm not lost or stuck as I'm not as nimble as I used to be... but it's fun to get out and explore.

I thought you might like to see some of the walks/hikes we've done and some of the treasures I've found along the way.  :)

I admittedly have a thing for mushrooms.  Whenever I go on a hike or walk I'm bound to find some sort of fungi to take a picture of.  One year I went for a walk and I found red and orange fungi, I was so stoked as that was a first time event.  Unfortunately...those pictures have been lost and I was so sad to discover that. But look!  I still have pictures from 2016!  :)

 I managed to get a clear, up close and personal shot of this fungi.  Are they so interesting looking? might not be as keen on fungi as I am so moving on....

Who doesn't love a leaf strewn path with trees all around, making you feel like you are alone in the world... just you and nature.  The sound of birds singing, the patter of small critters scurrying away, and if you are quiet enough and early enough in the morning...the odd deer moving silently through the trees.  It is SO cool!

You know, I like geese and ducks and what not.  Waterfowl are pretty cool.  But in town when you walk around and they are begging for treats it's like.. ICK.. go away stupid birds.  But when you see those same birds in a natural setting it's like .. wow.  

I've been trying to find some of the neat rock ones and stuff we've seen but I think they have alas... gone the way of most of my cool fungi pictures....  :(   From the trails up north and stuff but I..... ah well.. you get the picture right?   Long walks/hikes in the middle of nowhere is a lovely lovely thing to do.  :) 
This post is part of the Crews Instagram word prompt challenge. I find them fun to turn into posts, don't you?

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  1. I do enjoy a good walk, especially when it isn't blazing hot. I like the fungi pictures a lot.

    1. I agree walking when it's really hot is not fun, but going for walks when it's shady and nice breeze blowing it's wonderful

  2. I too am drawn to taking pictures of interesting fungi we find on our hikes! Fungi and waterfalls/ water features always seem to draw me in. I'm sure I'd be equally taken with animals but hiking with three rowdy boys means that we really never seen any.

    1. I'll have to tell my boys I'm not the ONLY one who likes fungi. :) Oh waterfalls are cool too. :)


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