Review: Amelia's Maze Adventure

 Amelia's Maze Adventure
Jane Gledhill
Lonely Planet Kids.
approximately 9 x 11
ages: 8-12 years
pages: 128

Amelia's Maze Adventure is all about Amelia taking a trip around the world tracking down Lady Vivian Winthrop missing jewels.  Will Amelia ever find them?   She's on a whirl wind tour!

 Don't you just love a book where you can learn interesting facts about the world (and the places in it) while having fun solving a puzzle, in this particular case MAZES.

The mazes vary in difficulty from level one to five. Most of the mazes are clearly marked.
I love the sheer variety of mazes found in this book, from the simple block ones that most of us are used to, to the shapes of coral like this one.

Interesting facts are learned from how camels can spit to how facts about Toyko. 

The facts are never long or overwhelming, just enough to give you a taste, which of course, can lead to future exploration.    
 I love the innovative mazes : turtles, snakes, tunnels, Mount Rushmore, vines, alligators, zebras and more.

My thoughts:

This is a rather cool book to use. Well done mazes that help you develop your spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, problem solving abilities and more.  It's great to be able to complete a well done maze, and this book is full of them.   Go on.. go get it!   It'll keep the youth of your family amused as you travel about this summer, and they will be learning as they go.   It would also be a wonderful addition to a whirl-wind tour of the world as the mazes are discovered all over the world as Amelia hunts for the missing jewels.

Amelia's Maze adventure
Jane Gledhill
Lonely planet kids
approximately 9 x 11. 
Ages: 8-12
Pages: 160 

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

 Where can you find it?  Amelia's Maze Adventure Amelia's Maze Adventure (Lonely Planet Kids)

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  1. Looks like an interesting book. I enjoy books that give activity with just enough information to whet the appetite for more.


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