Art Book: Mudworks

Today I have a rather different art book to show you.  It's called "Mudworks: Creative Clay, Dough and Modeling Experience". 

 This is a rather neat book, seriously.

It's chockful of recipes for making all sorts of sculptures and models.
It's divided into the following sections
1. playdough: cooked and uncooked
2. bread dough: baked and dried
3. Plaster of Paris
4. Papier-mache
5. Edible Dough Art: baked and unbaked
6. Modeling mixtures and more

Many of the recipes were unique!  Check out this one: 

 They also had one for making oatmeal dough and cotton dough (out of cotton balls!!!)...these ones can even be baked!  

The plaster of paris section gives different ways of using plaster of paris to make sculptures (like using a balloon to shape it, or pouring it over ice cubes or adding sand to it).

SOME of the recipes made me laugh like this one: 
Like really... a recipe for making mud-pies, it just made me grin.  This book has thought of so many interesting and creative ideas.

Illustrator Kathleen Kerr showed up with simple yet effective drawings to add interest to each of the pages, as well as providing visual cues for how to make some of the unique sculptures found within the pages.

Anyways, if you work with kids and need recipes and ideas for sculpting and having fun with moldable stuff, this is the book for you.  So many ideas and creative ways to keep children busy using their hands and creative imaginations.

The top of each page gives the age range it is good for as well.

Mudworks: creative clay, dough and modeling experiences
Autor: MaryAnn F. Kohl
Illustrator: Kathleen Kerr
Publisher: Bright Ring Publishing
Pages: 152
Series: Bright Ideas for Learning Centres

Where can you find it? Mudworks Mudworks.

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  1. How much fun this would be to try to do some of these different ones and see how they compare. Definitely an interesting take on it. - Lori

    1. I know, I was delightfully surprised


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