Art Book: Spread Your Wings and Fly

Spread your wings and fly is a unique origami book.   

I honestly didn't know what I thought of it at first, I expected a typical origami book where it shows a picture of a folded paper creation and then shows you how to make it.

paper crane origami
This book takes a somewhat different tack.

It's a like a person conducting an individualized workshop that takes into account the merit of the person being taught.
As you continue to work your way through this delightful book you learn how to make an origami crane.  How neat is that?   The pictures show you what to do, the actions remind the reader to consider their own talents and abilities as well, so many life lessons to be found in the building of a paper crane.

 I found the artwork to be ..oh so interesting, so full of images and things to look at, things to consider that went along so well with the accompanying text.
 Look at all the details in the images, aren't they fantastic?  I can see the interest everyone has in the child on the sidewalk, whatever happened do you think?   The excitement of the dog... just so much to talk about as you work on folding the paper just so to make it look like an ice cream cone.
This book was a delight!  :)   You really should check it out if you are interested in learning origami, in particular how to make a crane.  

All steps are shown again at the end of the book, so you can concentrate on making the crane without the distraction of the story.

Take it home, enjoy it.

Spread your Wings and Fly
a fold-and-tell story
Author: Mary Chloe Schoolcraft Saunders
Illustrator: Carla McGregor Mihelich
Publisher: Bear Cub Books
Pages: 46

Where can I find it? Spread your wings and fly. Spread your wings and fly, a fold-and-tell story

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  1. I love origami books that tell a story. The girls do too. This looks neat. Off to see if the library has it.

    1. it was a neat book, I'm glad I took it out to do my art post. :)


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