Art Book: Stick Sketch School

I want you to imagine that you have just taught your children about this amazing animal called the blob fish.  It comes out of Tasmania, and you asked your children to draw a picture of it and they give you a blank look... How can you help them draw this amazing fish?   Well, if you have the Stick Sketch School book it will be easy peasy.. just turn to page 86 and before you know it your children will have created a beautiful image of the blob fish.  :)   Might be a sketch figure but it will be "beautiful" enough to colour in and create an underwater world.

Allow me now to introduce you to a wonderful book called "Stick Sketch School"
Stick Sketch School

This is a rather neat book that I see so much potential for in a homeschool situation (or even a lets just draw together at home).

There is such a variety of animals (real or imagined) such as frogs, tigers, bears, reindeer, spiders, flies, blob fish, whales and more

Each animal comes with a small introduction, along with where they are from.  They have fun introducing the animal.
stick sketch school

The rest of the page shows you different ways you can draw your stick figure animal.
Stick Sketch School: An Animal Artventure: Mastering the Art of Stick Figure Critters (Stick World)
Each animal is given a two page spread.
One to show how to draw it and give ideas.  The second to create a scene with your newly drawn animals.  Do you see how he has three sheep started?   Wouldn't it be fun to draw them in and then add some little sheep frolicking about?
stick sketch school
I think this is a such a neat art book.  Animals, with their place in the world, an author with a sense of humour that shows various ways you can draw the same animal in a simple stick figure way.  Bring those critters to life eh?   

It could be such a fun addition to geography study, nature study or just a fun art class.  :)   Use it as part of a co-op class!   Have fun, bring your stick figures to life, give them facial expressions and interesting poses. 
Stick Sketch School: An Animal Artventure: Mastering the Art of Stick Figure Critters (Stick World)
Stick Sketch School.  Mastering the art of stick figure critters.
Author/Artist: Billy Attinger
Author: Rachel Kochackis
Series:Stick Figures- An Animal Adventure
Art Book

Reviewed for: Quarto Group

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  1. I like books like this - fun no matter what your art ability! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Fun little book for those who enjoy step by step drawing instruction. What a good variety of creatures.

    1. It's an excellent book to increase your skills and the variety of animals astounded me


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