Books Read During the Month of July

Did you know that one of my favourite things to do while on vacation is to read books?  I know.. totally shocking eh?  (not).  :)

Anyways, we had a week camping up at Grundy Lake, only a week so I brought nine books with me and got 8.5 read.   
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Timestoppers: quest for golden arrow is the second in a series that I am thoroughly enjoying. I won't tell you a whole lot about it as a review is coming up.  Suffice it to say though... GOOD BOOK.  Hubby is waiting in line to read it after the lad gets finished (though that might take a spell).


The Help.  Wow.. fascinating book.  A look into the lives of negro house servants after emancipation and what not.  How friendships were formed, how hatred and bigotry were shown just so casually, how black people had to be so careful to walk the right thin line.   It was eye-opening and a very interesting read.


Alex Cross's Trial.  Other black's in the south motif for this book.  This one with a darker theme when the KKK was active, people taking a stand.  I do not understand the level of hatred and vitirol displayed.   It makes no sense to me the betrayal, the whites only and the depth people would go to protect their own and attack another race.  I know things like this go on today in other forms and stuff, but it's just plain nastiness.   Hard read, but glad I took a look into that world.


Vision in White.   What can I say.. a romance with a touch of mystery to it.  It's a light easy read and much needed after the two previous books.  Discovering strength within, overcoming ones' past.  Themes were good.

A train of thought.  I love trains and thought I just might enjoy this story.  I DID!  I want the lad to read it when he's older.  The wisdom in the stories, and old railroader speaking to how things were.  It's a review coming up so won't say much more.

NYPD RED 2.  Another Patterson book but quite different. The mob, vigilante justice, the power of a evil minded leader and a docile follower.   Disaster neatly avoided.  I was intrigued throughout the whole book AND surprised a time or two.   Good read if you like a suspense-filled mystery.

Fatal Illusions.  OH.. oh ...oh.. how I wanted this bad guy caught!   He was just a nasty minded fellow out of a nasty minded woman.  Oh.. but a positive note.  A family was drawn closer together.  Faith was made evident.   Repentance seen where needed AND.... (spoiler alert) bad guy was stopped!  Makes for a good read that!  :)


Alexandria.  Honestly started this one, but didn't finish it.  Not sure I will.  The style of writing and the time period is just totally loosing me.   A mystery in Egypt when Britain was "helping" rule her.

The Villa.  Another Nora Roberts book.  Needed a light easy read after going through NYPD RED and Fatal Illusions.    I haven't finished this one yet, but so far, it's a decent read.

OH!   I almost forgot.  The Memory Keeper's Daughter.  WOW...this book was fascinating and very sad and lost and drew me in like a moth to the flame.  Captivated by the joy, the sorrow.  The fact that a hidden secret about ruined a family and then drew them back in again.  Fascinating book.  

Books read as reviews: 
The Benevolent Bee: I liked this book.  A bit more technical than the other bee book I read, but a good book with stories, crafts, recipes.  

TimeStoppers book one!   Loved this first book, begged for the second.  :)   Good sci-fi book for younger readers as well as older ones.  :)

My Jesus Bible.  Hardcover bible story book for preschoolers. 

The Girl Who Drew Butterflies.  A fascinating book about how art and science intermingled, creating new information for the science community while producing good works of art. 

Junk Drawer Engineering.  A rather neat STEM book for upper elementary through highschool, with hints and options for various ages AND the science behind it. 

Miniscapes: Create your own terrarium.   My son is in LOVE with this book currently.  Making different terrariums, gaining new insights into the world of miniature plants. 

50 Natural Wonders to Blow your Mind. Neat little book about different natural wonders from around the world.   Pictures and facts. 

Goats of Anarchy.  A neat picture book about a goat rescue. 

The Beginner's Bible for Little Ones.   Hardcover bible for young children.

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  1. Great line up of summer reads. Alexandria piques my interest!

    1. If you like it let me know

  2. I've never read The Help but have watched the movie. I hear books are always better. Some great reads on your list.

    1. It's a movie? I will need to look for it.

  3. I have read a few of them on your list but have added some of the others to my list. The Help was a very good read but I did not care for the movie. I have The Memory Keeper's Daughter on reserve. I'll let you know what I think. - Lori

    1. what didn't you like about the movie? I hope you like it...

  4. I loved The Help and I am a sucker for all of Nora Robert's books; especially the bride quartet series.

    1. Oh good, another Nora fan. :)


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