Looky Looky! The Canadian Learning Bundle is Here!


Just wanted to let you know that the Canadian Learning Bundle is on sale again!
And boy oh boy, look what all you get!

 Only $27 and you get French, Unit Studies, Canadian Heroes, Art, History and more!  A nice bundle that will get you well situated for learning!

All new products this year.  Check it out at my affiliate link here

Want to know everything that's included?
Here you go:
*Canadian Online Homeschool Conference Pass
*Timeline from Confederation to Today (The Canadian Homeschooler)
*Canada: The First Fifty Years (Chantel from Intentional Homeschooling)
*Deluxe Homeschool Planner (Jennifer from Deliberate Homeschooling)
*Basic Grammar for All Writers course (Excellent Resources)
*Homeschool, Simplified: What Matters Most ebook (Bonnie from Oh, That's Simple)
*French: Sing & Learn Vol.2 (Leanne from FrenglishLearning)
*5 Days to Your Best Homeschool Years e-Course (Ana from They Called Me Blessed)
*Mini Homeschool Tune-Up (Edna from Edna's Homeschool Helps)
*Fall Semester of Artsy Startsy's ROAM program (Rebecca from Artsy Startsy)
*UnLock Math 1 month subscription (Unlock Math)
*Canada150 Writing Activities, Terry Fox Activities, & Current Events (Diana Bailey on TpT)
*North American Continent Collection (Cherine from Making Montessori Ours)
*3 mini unit-studies: Penguins, Beavers, & Sharks (Rebecca from Hip Homeschooling Blog)
*Digital Organization Pack (Kimberly from GeekSchooling)
*Student Planner (Grace from Plum Cheeky Solutions)

Plus a couple of discount offers.
*French Sing & Learn Vol. 1
*Homeschooling with JOY
*Edna's Homeschool Helps Consultations
*Hands on History Book

Isn't that just a fantastic offer?   Check it out today eh?

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  1. Some really neat looking parts to the bundle. A good treasure.

    1. i think it's a good mix of materials.


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