Pearl Seeker: I want to be a pearl seeker

When my friend Lori learned that I was seeking a book to do from my weekly book read, she sent me a book by Becky Blackmon called "A Pearl Seeker".   I think it's an interesting book and therefore wanted to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

 This book has 11 chapters, so if all goes well it won't take too long to go through.  :)  I haven't delved into it too much, just read snippets here and there, so I'm eager to see what it has to say.

The first few lines of this chapter remind me of the lesson from Romans that's been sticking in my head.  God.. our ever present protection. NOTHING can threaten us, not one single thing.  For you know who God is?  God is superman!   From Deuteronomy 33 "he rides the heaves to your help, and through the skies in his majesty."   Neat huh?   Doesn't that imagery help you to see the grandeur of God?  It just captured my imagination.

Seek the Lord and His Strength.'s an active thing, it's asking questions, not being afraid to ask those questions, to look for answers, to wonder why and to discover it.   

The question that faces us is this.  If we have questions about God, where do we go for the answers?   Do we ask anyone we meet or do we go to his word?  Becky helps us see that there is really only one place to go.  God's word.  It's his book about himself.

So you can see that God doesn't hide himself away.  He makes himself ever so clear if all we do is ask questions and look for the answers.  It's all right there.  Open heart, open mind, seeking after God. 

To that end a question is raised.  Do we treasure what has been given to us?   Are his words ever so important to us?   Do we seek after him daily, looking for that ever present help?

Treasure it, let it become so very very important to you. 


I have to admit I struggle with the repeated "it's up to us to learn, grow and change" message found throughout this chapter.

I agree.. we NEED to seek the Lord.
BUT you know who puts that's seeking within us?   
The Lord himself!

So yes, we need to seek the Lord, but we also should be acknowledging that he helps us to seek him and that perhaps that should be our prayer as well.  that he helps us to seek him more keenly.

Sometimes we DO have to make a choice.  Watch that TV show or spend time in God's word.   Go for a walk or dig into scripture.  Care for the critters or take time with God.  It's hard to make choices sometimes.  But we can determine to make better decisions about our time so those choices come easier...finding the needed time to seek out the Lord in his word.  It's THAT important.  :)

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  1. The Lord does, indeed, put that seeking desire within us. But, as you stated, we have to choose to focus on that which the Lord calls us to and make the choices to support that. Hope this is an enjoyable study for you.

    1. So far it makes me think and that's a good thing


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