Planners? I think NOT!

You know what happens to me every year around this time?

I feel like a failure.

Want to know why?

The "I've planned out my year".  "I'm using this awesome planner".  "I've got my studies all worked out and planned out".   

And I think to myself... I've tried, I've failed, I'll never pull this year off because I don't plan everything out.   I don't even plan out a month ahead of time.   

Are you like me?  

Thinking yourself a failure cause you can't figure out how to make a yearly plan work?  Or even know HOW people plan out a year and leave spaces for taking a break or sick days or the unexpected, and then how do you rework it???   I don't get it... I could see myself erasing and having to start over, again and again and again.

I did, by hook or crook, figure out a system that works for the lad and I.

I print out a weekly schedule.  Most of the time it is the same week after week.  Just do the next thing lad of mine.  When we do a "SPINE" book I will specify more clearly what we are doing.   Just as make a model of the brain, or watch a video.  I block off time for reviews, writing and research, noting gramma days, and special times like our co-op days, I'll add in funeral services and visits out to see friends and what not.

And you know what my lad does?
He takes GREAT JOY in crossing off what he has done.  

His comments to me over the past year:
  • I like this sheet mom.
  • I can do things in whatever order I want to.
  • I don't have to worry if I don't get something done as we just put it on next week or make it shorter or stuff.  
  • I like I can mess it up cause it's not all pretty and in a book where I have to be careful.

How does one argue with a boy's comments like that?
Who would have thought that new bought book or calendar could bring that concern out of a boy?  That he didn't want to mess it up or rewrite it (perhaps he hears more than I want him too).  :)

End thoughts?
What I'm trying to say is this.
If you are NOT a planner person, fret not.  
You'll discover a system that works for you.

It might be an oversized calendar, a self-made weekly print out sheet, a shelf with books on it that you just "do the next thing in", a physical planner that just works with your mindset, a reverse planner where you write down what you did as opposed to what you plan to do, you might even discover the joy of using google calendar.   There are as many methods of planning as there are homeschooling families.  

Just cut yourself a break momma (or dad), and know that you will discover a method that works for you and your method of schooling.   And don't never mind what others are doing, they aren't you (I'm speaking to myself here too eh?)

Now on the off shoot chance that you are a momma that likes to use planners and uses them did you know that your subscription to comes with a planner you can print off?  I KNOW, how wonderful is that!!!   

One subscription with no need to buy a planner, it's a great deal!

You can find out more about that by going to this link eh?

Then once you are a member look for the planners link and you'll be all set.

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  1. Annette, You have conquered the battle by finding a system that works for your family. Complicated planning doesn't mean it is the better way. I've learned that flexibility works best fr us. As long as I meet our state's requirements, that's what matters.

    1. thanks Kelly, took a long time to figure out what works in our household... a LONG time. :) (and a boy child who knew what he'd work with and what he wouldn't).

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone. These intricate planners stress me out. I use spiral notebooks. :)

    1. if my son could read my writing that would SO by an option for me. :)

  3. Yay! It's just such a good feeling once you figure out a planning method--WHATEVER IT LOOKS LIKE--that makes you feel like you DID something! My boys like to visually see and cross off their assignments. So I let them!

    1. It's such a satisfaction to cross things off isn't it?

  4. I really like the sheet you created but even more, I like the confidence it allows your lad to feel. Finding what works is definitely best and I am like you - there is no year-long planning going to happen here. - Lori

    1. Woohoo!!! I'm not alone in not planning out the whole year. Oh Lori, he so delights in crossing things off and making wise decisions.


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