Review: Lint Boy

Imagine that you have a life that you love, living with your family, just having a good time.  Now imagine that your sibling, who you love dearly, is snatched away.  Kidnapped by a dreadful person!  What do you do?

Well.. if you are Lint Boy you rush to the rescue!   Can you save your brother Lint Bear?

The person who took Lint Bear is NASTY.  Seriously.  Fixated on a single thought.   Dolls can move.  To that end she is mean to the dolls she gets.   The dolls are can they get away?  How can they stop her from mutilating them?

Could they possibly escape?
Is there anyone who can help them?

As the dolls work together they teach each other their stories and begin to feel less alone, less like victims, more willing to seek a life beyond that which they have been trapped in.  

What will happen!?!?!   Will the mean lady get her way or will the dolls escape?

Sorry...You'll have to read the book to find out.  :)

My Thoughts:
I was initially alarmed by the look of some of the dolls until I found out why they looked as they did.  Then it made sense and gave me empathy for them.

The story is interlaced between pictures, giving the book a bit of a graphic novel feel, without the graphic novel text.  Nicely put together.
Given my initial alarm at seeing the dolls, if you have sensitive minded youngsters, you may wish to preview the book before giving it to them.  

I liked the lighter tone to this book, if the colours had been darker it would have given the story a darker feel.  By the end I was rooting for the dolls and their hoped for freedom.

Lint Boy
Aileen Leijten
Clarion Books
Illustrator: Lisa Vega
Pages: 128
Age: 7-10 years

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books.

Where can you find it?  Lint Boy  Lint Boy
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  1. Good to read your closing thoughts on this because it sounded creepy! Seriously, though, interesting idea for a book. - Lori

    1. It initially gave me a creepy feel, but then turned out okay.


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