Review: The Round the World Quiz Book

 Do you like quizzes?   I DO.
When my lad was little I'd read various fact and quizzler books to him, just to see if I could stump him.  It was remarkable how often I could not stump.  Mind, it's a bit easier now to stump him...I just have to ask harder questions!  (but then he can ask me harder questions too and well.. that just well... let's not go there shall we?

Today I have help!   The Round the World Quiz book is just the ticket for me and for you!

 Why for you?

Well, you need something to amuse yourself and your family when you are travelling around summer don't you?'ll hold the power as you'll be holding the book right?  :)  

Seriously though, it's a rather neat book with questions divided into three different sections.   Newbie (easiest) Rookie and Genius (hardest).   The questions are clearly labeled.

I find that newbies often get puzzles, mazes, searches, match up etc to do.
Rookies and Geniuses tend to get questions that vary in difficulty.

It's a rather neat book, asking questions from all around the globe, divided into 8 sections.
  • amazing locations
  • Epic earth
  • Animal magic
  • into the deep
  • when disaster strikes
  • extreme places
  • strange but true
  • rapid-fire questions
 I like the sheer variety of questions from the straight true/false questions, to match ups, or multiple choice questions. You'll learn so much and be amazed too!   It's a great world we live in. 

Do you know which country has the longest coastline?
Or What is Experanto?
what about which ones of these jobs was never a real job: whipping boy, tea caddy, nightsoil man, or Knocknobbler. 
Are avalanches powerful enough to destroy a whole village?

No answer?   That's okay, all the answers are in the back of the book!
My Thoughts:
This is a neat book to have kicking around, seriously, I love trivia books, they are so much fun.  All these little tidbits of information.... just waiting to be discovered.  It's a great thing to have tidbits floating around. They lead to further discoveries.. and THAT is great thing to do, especially with an inquisitive lad running around the house.   Just think what having lots of trivia floating around your house could do for the learning going on eh?  :)

Round the world quiz book: The best travel trivia on the planet
Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids
Pages: 160
Ages: 8-12

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

Where to find it? Lonely Planet The Round the World Quiz Book 1st Ed. The Round the World Quiz Book (Lonely Planet Kids)

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  1. We love these kinds of books too! Another neat one.

    1. this is my kind of book, like this stuff. :)

  2. My son likes sharing trivia facts with us.

  3. That looks like fun! My kids used to love quizzes and puzzles like that too.

  4. Looks like fun (or else like something that would drive me berserk after a few minutes in the car! haha! )

    1. It won't do that!!!! :)


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