Review: The Superhero Handbook

 I have to admit, this is a cute book. Written in bold, easy to read font with quick easy instructions to get children on the road to making their own Superhero gear.   The Superhero Handbook is just that, a handbook made just for your average superhero, reminding him/her of all things important to superheroes.

Clear Text.   Easy to understand. Easily read by most children in the 7-11 years old bracket. 

Materials lists.  I like how they added the images to add clarity.   As face it, not all children read at the same level.
Clear instructions.   Again with illustrations to keep it straight-forward. Stickers as well to help you embellish your creations.

Some of the ideas are downright clever!   Giant hands! Hoverboards.  Blasters and Electro-magnets.  Let's make them all!   What perfect fun for a child during summer holidays!

With it comes certificates needed. Oaths to make to protect and serve.   To help each other.  To have a great sidekick.

 My Thoughts:
This is a fantastic book that will be a great boon and idea maker for all the young superheroes among us.   It would be easy to extend the ideas in this book into learning opportunities (should you as parent/teacher desire to do so).  But frankly, I'd had this to my young superhero and say "here's an idea book for you... run with it!"

The Superhero Handbook.
Janet Doyle and Jason Ford
Laurence King Publishing
144 pages
ages: 7-11
Approximate size: 6 x 8

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

Where can you find it? The Superhero Handbook: 20 Super Activities to Help You Save the World!  The Superhero Handbook: 20 Super Activities to Help You Save the World!

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