School? No School? Our week...

 Ah.. it's an hectic week this week.  :)  Too much busyness going on.. I need a quieter week eh!  :)   I really do.

As I said, it's been a busy week, let me walk you through it eh? :)

The lad and I go to church cause dad found sleeping an optional choice until about three hours before church began.   He was miserable the rest of the day and didn't eat until almost 9 p.m.   So instead of going to the Pinery we took care of dad.  The lad, much to his delight, on his walk out of the house found a queen ant!  

Normally our day to go to London BUT Tuesday is my birthday and wanted my sweetheart to take me out for lunch so we're going to London on Tuesday instead.  We took a wee bit of time to work on our lapbook of inventors from Journey though Learning.  We studied up on Benjamin Franklin.

Afterwards the lad took himself out for a walk again (and found another ant), and then busied himself for the remainder of the day looking for items he needed to build an ant home (to the extent of biking all the way across town to go shopping at Rowe's).   While he worked away, I secluded myself in the basement clearing out a corner that had become VERY messy and was drying me crazy.  :)   While I was cleaning I also did the laundry and ran the dishwasher at night.

Hubby tried to get himself going again today but moving around ended him with a massive headache, so he still fighting off something.

See Look!   I have potatoes!   I never plant seed potatoes.  I just plant leftovers that are getting soft and growing from store potatoes.  This year the lad planted them in the garden and had WAY too much fun doing so...We got at least five times what we planted and it'll do us well and we even shared with others. :)

It's a birthday day!!   Mine!   Can you believe that I am 52 already!!!   With a 12 year old boy!!!!   I know.. time flies by so quickly it blows my mind sometimes.  Today.. lunch out!  Woot woot!!!

Foodbank in the morning.  We had a lot of people on today so I sent the lad home early so he could sort out the taters for a lady needing some.

Afternoon: working on inventors, doing some baking from Everyday Cooking.

Birthday lunch out with my mom!  :)  Had a good time with a visit afterwards.  We had chinese buffet.   It was a lovely time together.  :)

Point Pelee to visit some friends.  Oh my oh my we had a great time!  :)   We really did.  We laughed, we biked, we talked, we ate.  Just fun!   

Discovered the free hub on my bike was fritzed so hubby is going to work at fixing it sometime but it's all good.

A day of tiredness.  It was a LONG day on Friday driving for two hours there and then back again (through a lovely wild thunderstorm that was at times alarming).  Found out after the fact there was a tornado close by.   BUT God kept us safe.   Tired boy, tired mom, wide awake dad.  :)   I had a headache most of the day with little energy.

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  1. Happy birthday and what a busy, but fun, week. Neat that he found a queen ant for his colony.

    1. i know, it was totally cool! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like a fun, busy, and productive week. Sorry the hubby was sick though. :-(

    1. it was a good week for us. too busy though...


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