Tomorrow, Tomorrow the Sale Ends Tomorrow!

 Did you know that this sale will be over soon?  Just another couple of days.
It ends on my birthday!  :)   It'd be a lovely gift you know..

Why you ask?  It has all sorts of items helpful to you regardless of where you live.

Unlock math.. in my SON's opinion the best math program he's done up til this point. He likes it, dives into in eagerly whenever he needs to do homeschooling.   Seriously.. a month free so you can check it out?  Can't really complain about that!

Then you have the various planners.  Who doesn't need a good planner to keep yourself on track with your schooling?

And then you have the Canadian Online Homeschool Conference.  It's available in this package!  It's like getting the conference and the rest of the materials for free!  Good teaching, good resources, good ideas to spur you on in your journey.

Don't forget the unit studies...North America, Terry Fox, Different critters to learn about, and Canadian or not... it's good to celebrate a birthday Canada is 150 this year!

You can learn more at this link.

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  1. Definitely a good looking bundle. Some interesting items in there.

    1. hopefully someone will want to buy it as well! :)


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