31 Days of October! Free Writes!


It's October.. pretty cool huh?  Here in Ontario we are starting to see the trees turn colour, the nights are getting colder and the days brisk.  It's good weather we are having.

AND.. it's time for the 31 days of October.  Some folks are writing on one topic for the month, others are responding to prompts.   BUT we are all aiming to write every day for the whole month of October.

I have chosen to do a month of writing prompts.  :)  I find prompts to be fun, and trying to figure out how to write on something for a whole month had me completely stumped. 

 If you want to join up, here's the linky.

  1. worship: Come Now is the Time To Worship
  2. tell: Tell, a poem of relationships.
  3. create: Create in Me A Clean Heart, O God
  4. hope: My Hope.
  5. trust: Trust.
  6. FMF prompt: Owning Your Own Story.
  7. hold: Hold, as from scripture.
  8. Truth: Speak O Lord.
  9. plan: Plan, A Thanksgiving Meal.
  10. listen: Listen, Listen my Child.
  11. remember: Always Remember.
  12. write: I Just Gotta Write.
  13. FMF prompt: Invite: Something should Change.
  14. try: Try It, Just Try It.
  15. remain: A Pondering on the Word Remain.
  16. read: I Read
  17. grow: This Garden Grows
  18. share: Share, it's a Thing to Learn.
  19. brave: Today I was Brave
  20. FMF Prompt: Have you discovered this?
  21. Give: The Flip-Side of Giving.
  22. Light: Send the Light.
  23. work:
  24. revise:
  25. because:
  26. change:
  27. FMF Prompt:
  28. Connect: Walking Through The World.
  29. Follow:
  30. Refine:
  31. Rest:

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