A Pearl Seeker: A Spiritual Mindset

Intro...Remember the Alamo,  choice given,  step over the line and fight, or go home.  As Christians we step over the line to go with God rather than stay with the old.  Once we step over we can't go back.

People, very human people, wrote the bible.  God chose them, as holy people,  people serving him,  to write down his words.

We are introduced to Ezra,  prophet, who kept the physical copy of the Torah.  He was a scribe, part of an educated respected class.   This copy was scrolls that would be big and bulky.  They travelled 900 miles through hostile territory with God minding his back.  Why?

Ezra 7:10   God's hand was on him because Ezra studied God's word with an Intent to know it, to live it and to teach it to others.

Be a doer of the word.  Know it, do it. 
Have that hunger to know his word and to be changed by it.
To live out that change.

My thoughts: 
This is a good reminder.. you know?  
To think about the steps the Ezra took.  First to know the word of the Lord.  He studied it extensively, wrote it out as part of his work, and yet.. even though he studied it and knew it for his work, even in his off-time, God's word was still that important to him.

But it wasn't just a matter of studying it, he allowed it to change him.  He lived out what he learned and knew of the Lord God.

And having lived it... he taught it to others. 

Isn't that what we should do?   Teach others WHY we live as we do.  

If we follow these steps, don't you think Christianity, our faith, our beliefs, would become contagious?  Helping to turn the hearts of others to God.

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  1. Living it out, allowing it to change us - that is the challenge with God's word. Do we carry it around with us? Maybe physically but especially in our heads and hearts? I admit, not as often as I should but that is one thing I am working on. So I can be a brighter light for Him.

    1. It's hard to be changed sometimes, too easy to stick to the known, but we need to be more


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