Art Book: Making Amazing Art

Did you know that art has seven different elements to it?
Can you name them all?

Divided into Seven chapters, one for each element.
We have Line, Shape, Texture, Color, Value, Form and Space.  Each section having 4-6 projects that focus on that one element.  Each section has it's own corner page design so you can easily tract which area you are covering.  The topic is introduced at the beginning of each section.
From there we run into projects such as Giant sunflower, Color Explosion, sock-head sculpture, beautiful butterfly, stencil shapes, visual music and furry pet portrait.  40 projects in all, and each unique in their own way.

I really liked the "meet the masters" and the "through the artist's eye" sections...learning about people who've done interesting things with art such as Meret Oppenheim.

The projects have clear easy to follow instructions.  You really aren't left guess what you should be doing.
All in all, it's a great book that will help you teach your students/children the different aspects of art.  Teach them all about Line, Shape, Texture, Color, Value, Form and Space.  This book will help give all those aspects form.  :)

Making Amazing Art: 40 activities using the 7 elements of art design.
By Sandi Henry
Illustrator: Sarah Rakitin Cole
Series:  Williamson Kids Can

Where can I find it? Making Amazing Art: 40 activities  Making Amazing Art: 40 activities using the 7 elements of design

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  1. What a fun book! I am looking for new ideas for art this year; this might just help.

  2. Yet another good one. "Meet the Masters" is the type of section and project that I feel goes a long way toward teaching and understanding art and artists.


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