Art Book: Playful Painting Pets

Let's say you have a pet and you like to paint, but you look at said pet and say "I dunno, How can I show off that silky fur?"   Faye Moorhouse comes to your rescue in Playful Painting: Pets. 

In Playful Painting pets, Ms. Moorhouse demonstrates how to paint a wide variety of cats and dogs, she also shows how to do a smattering of other animals as well.

From Fluffy cats
To furry dogs

Faye Moorhouse gives us many ideas for bringing our beloved pets to life on the pages of our art pads.  

She starts off her book talking about tools and techniques.

She then covers dogs: pugs, german shepherds, labs, beagles, Terriers and more.  Some wearing clothes, others with just their fur.  Moving on to cats such as scruffy cats, persian cats, cats on rugs etc.   Other pets are introduced such as hamsters, budgies and rabbits.

Each section concludes with a gallery of the animals covered. 

The part I liked most in this book was her gallery of how to show off your art work.
 I also really appreciated the tips she put within her instructions.
Her step by step instructions
and the different truisms scattered throughout.

It's a good book to show you how to bring the pets in your life out on paper. 

Playful Painting: Pets - More than 20 fun and clever painting project for animal lovers.
Faye Moorhouse
type: art/techniques/painting
Age: middle school and up
Publisher: Walter Foster
Series: Playful Painting

Reviewed for: Quarto Group

Where can you find it? Playful Painting: Pets: More than 20 fun and clever painting projects for animal lovers. Playful Painting: Pets: More than 20 fun and clever painting projects for animal lovers.
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  1. Looks like a good one for a student who wants to increase their skills.


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