Canada Book: Crazy About Canada

Crazy about Canada is a neat book all about Canada.  

This book takes the questions Canadian children have about Canada and answers them. Pretty neat eh?

"Vivien Bowers (as a character in her own book) and her 12-year-old, Internet-savvy sidekick, Morton, take on each question with determination, candid curiosity, and a great sense of humor. The answers to kids’ burning (and sometimes freezing) questions about this country’s wildlife, geography, and cultures are presented here in an energetic, refreshing format."

The types of questions children ask about Canada:
Don't you just love the clarity of the images, and the reader friendly text?

I just love when a book for children and youth teaches me something too.  Did you know this fact about fire?   It surprised the lad and I. 
Who would have thought you could have a fire underground!!!

I thought it was great how there was liberal use of not only photos, but also graphics. The mix of white space with text and illustrations was well balanced.  The text was informative without being over whelming, giving just enough information to answer the question without going off into rabbit trails. 

Crazy About Canada!  Amazing Things Kids Want to Know.
Author: Vivien Bowers
Illustrators: Dianne Eastman and Owlkids books
Pages: 96
Publisher: Maple Tree
Type: Hardcover, Fact
Grades: 4-6
Series: Canadian Geographic Kids

Where Can You Find it?

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  1. This looks like a really easy to read and understand book packed with good information.


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