Canada Book: Hey Freddy, it's Canada's Birthday!

Hey Freddy, it's Canada's Birthday is a book about Canada geared for the younger set.   Let me tell you all about it.  :)

Poor Freddy, all he wants to do is celebrate Canada's birthday.   He has his flag, there's going to be a parade, let's go and celebrate!

But oh no, along the way Freddy runs into all sorts of problems, his flag, his lovely flag goes on several adventures of it's own. It visits with crazy hairdos, crows and so much more.   Can you follow where this flag will go?

The text is simple and the story easy, readability is high!
 Can you imagine that dastardly crow??
How will Freddy ever manage to catch up to his wayward flag?   

As we follow the flag on it's journey we are introduced to Canadian Facts, always preceded by a trumpet.
We even get to see the Royal Mounted Police in action with their musical ride.

Hey Freddy, It's Canada's Birthday!
Author: Susan Chalker Browne
Illustrator: Hilda Rose
Publisher: Great Water Books
Type: Hardcover
Grades: Kindergarten to grade two

Where Can I Find it? Hey Freddy, it's Canada's Birthday! Hey Freddy, It's Canada's Birthday!

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  1. How neat. The little tidbits by those bugles are neat. You find some great Canadian history books.

    1. Thanks. It's fun to find them. :)


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